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Right Diet along with Right Life is the most essential aspect in yoga...!!!

It is important to feed before starting an activity or teaching. Here, at "Kaivalyam Yoga", we focus on the right kind of food that a yogi should eat. We are always ready to serve our beloved students and teachers with healthy and tasty food cooked under the hygienic and clean environment. The food items, spices and other ingredients, we select were under the proper hygienic guidelines which are safe to consume and healthy as well. The cooks at our yoga school in Rishikesh possess the proper knowledge and great experience in the respective field.

What actually the correct yogic diet?

Three things should be kept in mind while following the path of a yogi, i.e., Ahimsa, Sattva and Prana.

  • AHIMSA means non-harming or non-violence, so, while choosing the food items, keep in mind that it should not undergo any type of harm or violence.
  • SATTVA means Pure, so, always apply it in food items, i.e., generally fresh vegetables, grains, pulses, mild spices, dairy products and so on. This type of diet is considered best for a yogi as per Ayurveda and Yogic point of view. It keeps the mind clear and soothes the digestive system.
  • PRANA means the life force, the food items are same as of Sattvic as Fruit and Veggies contain prana in the highest amount but that should be fresh, plucked from the plant.
  • As a yogi, being vegan is the great and the right choice!
  • At Kaivalyam, we fulfil the demands of a yogic food and served you nutritious yogic food, herbal tea and warm water.
  • Don't worry about the diet at our yoga institute as you will definitely be satisfied with it.
  • Clean Accommodation

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    An ideal Accommodation is necessary to such an extent that it will get one to unwind after lovely Yogic experience.

    One should not need to worry about the accommodation at Kaivalyam in Rishikesh. We understand the need and privacy of our students and that is the reason, we have well-organised and systematic rooms at our yoga school in Rishikesh.

    We focus greatly on cleanliness and hygiene and so make it clean on a daily basis. More than this, we also want that our practitioners and learners are not affected by basic amenities and so making it our primary goal, we provide our students with the basic amenities and all the necessary facilities in their room. Rooms are available at sharing basis and single living also.

    The location is so mesmerising that will make you fall in love. Spacious rooms, clean environment and soothing atmosphere are what you get at our yoga school in Rishikesh. You will feel real peace at the location and will definitely get charmed by the aesthetic view.

  • We, at Kaivalyam, always try to make you comfortable and offer you like a home away from the home. Now, drop the tension about being living in a nice atmosphere and having the right diet and come to our yoga centre in Rishikesh, "Kaivalyam".
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