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Situated in the beautiful Himalayan valley and serves as the gateway to the famous Charm Dham of Northern India, Rishikesh is the major spiritual center for Indians. However, not only Spiritual intervention but Yoga and Adventure Sports are the two other points of interest in Rishikesh for the travelers. For its deep connection with the Yogic science, it is known as the World's Yoga Capital. Apart from this Adventure tour of Rishikesh is ample to fill the adventure seekers with enthusiasm and thrill. Rishikesh is the hotspot for three major activities, i.e.,
If you keep watching every second person with the yoga mat and signboards of different yoga centers and school. Then you are certainly in the homeland of Yoga, Rishikesh. Looking upon the riverside beaches, you will find many Indians or foreigners performing different Yoga Asanas. You will find many best yoga schools in Rishikesh offering the best Yoga Teacher Training Courses and Yoga Retreat sessions in Rishikesh. Many famous saints, sages, and yogi established their ashrams from the historic era to perform mediation and Pranayama in the lap of nature.

Mythological & Spiritual Significance

As you enter the boundaries of Rishikesh, your mind and soul automatically starts to fill with the Spirituality. Saints and sagas all around the city will always make you remember the spiritual and mythological importance of the city. Also, the divine intervention of Rishikesh due to the free-flowing of holy river Ganga along the Himalayas forges it into the place of connecting with god. Whether you are doing Pooja daily or not, but the evening Ganga Aarti at Rishikesh makes you feel like that you are always connected deeply with spirituality. It will activate the spiritual essence inside the body, mind, and soul. Thus the number of peoples opting for the Spiritual Tour of Rishikesh are increasing day by day.

Adventure Activities - A new recognition of the city

Can you imagine the feeling of doing White water rafting over the holiest river of India along with the natural environment rendered by the Great Himalayan Mountains? Yes, Rafting in Rishikesh will surely bestow this magical experience. Rishikesh is the place where you will mesmerize with the various adventure activities such as rafting, camping, trekking, bungee jumping, kayaking, flying fox, mountain biking, etc which are enough to make your adventure tour of Rishikesh an unforgettable one. As we enter Devbhoomi, you will come across many rafting and camping booking offices. You can go to the rafting and camping spot on their vehicles or your own. White water River Rafting in Rishikesh is the major point of interest for the adventure lovers with Grade up to 3rd and several raids along the way. Also, if you love challenges and not having any fear of height, then you must go for bungee jumping in Rishikesh. Bungee jumping in Rishikesh is the highest point of Bungee jumping in India with the only fixed platform. Wake up in the morning with the melodious sound of birds and free-flowing Ganga River is the icing on the cake moment for everyone. The camping in Rishikesh renders you with this beautiful experience.